Improve diagnosis and understanding of muscle pathology

Working Group Leaders – Volker Straub Susana Quijano-Roy

Knowledge about the onset of muscle pathology detected by imaging, about the degree of progression, the spectrum of selective involvement across the whole body and about modifiers of these parameters is still very sparse for the majority of NMD. This lack of information might delay the diagnosis of patients with NMD and impede our understanding of disease mechanisms.

Specific objectives:

  • Hold two WG meetings per year that coordinate the collection of an agreed number of standardized MR images for defined diseases.
  • Establish and validate a secure Information Technology (IT) platform to share medical images between experts.
  • Establish an online inventory of muscle MR images with associated standardised clinical and genetic data from NMD prioritized by the consortium (including a spectrum from pre-symptomatic to advanced, whole-body images, where appropriate cardiac images).
  • Define regions of interest (ROI) for each disease, indicating the optimal muscle to biopsy or to be used for outcome measurements in a clinical trial setting (showing most reliable change over time).
  • Develop a user friendly digital NMD atlas of muscle MR images with public access.

The working group involved with this consists of…

Carsten Bonnemann Robert Carlier
Jorge Diaz Michael Hanna
Arend Heerschap Heinz Jungbluth
Eugenio Mercuri Jasper Morrow
Francesco Muntoni Anna Pichiecchio
Susana Quijano-Roy Mary Reilly
Enzo Ricci Volker Straub
Giorgio Tasca Bjarne Udd
Jon Andoni Urtizberea John Vissing
Maggie Walter Tarek Yousry