Short Term Scientific Missions – STSM

COST Actions provide opportunities for (early stage) researchers to undertake research in another country for 5-90 days. Up to €1500 is available per (early stage) researcher for at least 2 individuals per year. For early stage researchers (less than 8 years after obtaining PhD) it is possible to extent the duration of their visit to up to 180 days (for stays >91 days up to €3500 is available).

Call for Applications

2017 – New Call for Applications – STSMs completed no later than 30th November 2017

STSMs in BM1304 are available for researchers working on the objectives of the Action and the topic of the project should be related to at least one of the objectives.

It is our aim to have one STSM per year per objective.

The objectives are:

Objective 1: Improve diagnosis and understanding of muscle pathology

Objective2: Develop multicentric outcome measures (OM’s)

Objective 3: Explore new contrasts, new targets and new imaging techniques for NMD

Objective 4: Explore strategies for muscle imaging texture analysis

Researchers have to work in an institute in one of the countries linked up to the Action BM1304 (currently Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, The Netherlands, Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Poland, Finland, Portugal, Switzerland & UK).

Please note: STSMs for this funding round must be completed no later than 30 November 2017


If you would like to undertake an STSM, you must first obtain written agreement of your host institution, as it is likely that they may have to contribute financially to your mission.

Secondly, you must register at the STSM section of the COST website to apply. On this online form you will have to give an outline of your project (containing the aim of your STSM and how this relates to one of the Objectives of BM1304) and a budget estimate. Budget available for 2017 is up to €1500. This form, together with a short CV, a brief outline of the work and budget will be sent by email to the Dissemination and Training Committee (DTC) , DTC Coordinator of BM1304 – Prof Wlodzimierz Klonowski – ( and the Chair of BM1304 (Volker Straub). Your proposal will be reviewed and discussed by the DTC and you will hear whether or not you can receive funding for your STSM within 4 weeks.

After your STSM you can request reimbursement through the eCOST system (within 30 days after the end of your STSM). You will only be reimbursed after you have provided a brief summary (1 – 3 page(s) max) of your STSM to the DTC Coordinator and Chair for the COST website.

Please note that you will be reimbursed after your STSM. It is not possible to receive an advanced payment. Instructions and guidance can be found on page 30 of the COST Vademecum:

We strongly urge that you send a draft version of your submission to , or discuss a proposal with, the DTC Coordinator ( and/or Chair (Volker Straub) for advice or suitability to the COST objectives. You may also contact directly the Working Group Leaders of the Working Group most relevant to your STSM, to discuss a specific topic of interest. Contact details for the WG Leaders can be found on the Working Groups page.