Explore new contrasts, targets and imaging techniques for NMD

Working Group Leader – Hermien Kan

New imaging techniques and contrast agents evolve with the development of improved MR technology and need to be tested against established protocols for their added value in the quantitative assessment of muscle pathology.

Specific objectives:

  • Hold two expert consensus WG meetings per year to confidentially share pre-clinical and clinical data with the intention to develop joint protocols for new imaging techniques.
  • Publish joint reports on experimental validation of new contrasts relevant for the diagnosis and/or assessment of NMD and recommendations for their application by non-experts.

This working group consists of…

Aristides Bakandritsos Andrew Blamire
Jedrek Burakiewizc Bruce Damon
Paulo de Sousa Martijn Froeling
Melissa Hooijmans Barbara Janssen
Hermien Kan George Loudos
Marisa Garcia Martin Aart Nederveen
Jos Oudeman Paola Porcari
Oliver Scheidegger Chris Sinclair
Gustav Strijkers John Thornton